Blame the Communication!!

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A boy helps his father secure a door in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, on Saturday in preparation for Hurricane Dorian. (Dante Carrer/Reuters)By Jasper Ward and Anthony Faiola

The Bahamas government was to blame for the lack of communication brought about the Bahamas. People were going around stating how the government did not warn them in time of when to flea for safety. Bahamians are now upset at the fact that they were stuck in their homes and had to fight to survive during the hurricane. This is not entirely true, these people cannot put their entire blame on the government for lack of communication. Even though it was a slow process, there was still time for the people to prepare and plan for safety. There were those that were hard-headed, that they did not want to leave their home. That everything was going to be fine and its just a storm. Well those people are now distraught and are fighting for survival.

The government were trying to build and finish the fishing hole road before Hurricane Dorian’s arrival. Instead of using those funds to buy materials for those in need they went ahead and tried to finish. After the storm the bridge was devastated, but that didn’t stop them from picking up where they left off before the storm. They began putting more money into the project and not helping those in need. There are people fighting for their lives, trying to survive and the governments first thing was to go ahead and continue working on the bridge

Preparation and planning moving forward will change for the better. The government has issued a new bill since the passing of Dorian to ensure safety and communication to be better and faster. Peter Turnquest put out this statement with the bill. ” The new bill has several components. First it allows the Prime Minister to call a mandatory evacuation order for all residents and islands in the predicted path of the storm.  This change will have several implications for our future responses to natural disasters, including how we address the fiscal dimensions. To be sure, the Government will be required to address the logistical needs associated with mass care and shelter services under a mandatory evacuation.”