Cecil Thompson: A Bahamian Man of the Past, Present and Future.
Cecil Thompson.

Cecil Thompson: A Bahamian Man of the Past, Present and Future.

Fig. 1 Cecil Thompson giving a speech.

Cecil Thompson is a known name by many individuals that reside in Grand Bahama. His early profession as an educator is just one of the paths that led him to improving the island. He has been active in the communities of Grand Bahama tremendously. People that aren’t familiar with Thompson and his amazing attributes, need to be informed about them. He is an important man that should be recognized for what all he has done over the years in Grand Bahama.

Fig. 2 Cecil Thompson in classroom

Thompson has been involved in education, marches, tournaments and much more. He does things within the community without looking for anything in return. He is a humble man that holds Grand Bahama close to his heart. Thompson was one of the three male principals of Hawksbill High School, the principal of Eight Mile Rock High School and even Deputy Director of Education with responsibility for school management. Today, Thompson is a retired man, but he still remains active when it comes to the people of Grand Bahama.

Fig. 3 Cecil Thompson being awarded

Thompson has set the standard high for male educators but has also set an amazing example of how one should use their platform. In an article by the Tribune News (2018), Thompson was one of the men that Senior Education Officer Gaylene Pinder shed light on as being an outstanding male educator. Cecil Thompson has been honored by having marches named after him such as the Men United March that was held to raise awareness about issues faced in Grand Bahama.

Overall, Thompson has done many great things for the island of Grand Bahama. His work should be taught in schools around the country especially to young males that need a role model. As a young man from a different island he grew to love and appreciate Grand Bahama as his first home. Thompson has done rare things within Grand Bahama. He has really earned his name and all of the positions he held before retirement. He is a hardworking Bahamian man of the past, present and future.

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