Hawksbill Creek Then and Now
Hawksbill Creek Agreement Signing, 1955

Hawksbill Creek Then and Now

The Hawksbill Creek Agreement has always been a mystery to many living on the Island of Grand Bahama. A lot of Grand Bahamians don’t really know the importance of the agreement and how it has impacted the overall development of the Island of Grand Bahama. The document itself includes the construction of a Harbour/Wharf and the development of a city. Today we know those two places as the Freeport Harbour and the City of Freeport respectively

I want to talk about the History of the Hawksbill Creek. The hawksbill Creek Agreement was signed in 1955 in an aim to improve the economic development of the Island. The Government of The Bahamas signed this agreement with Wallace Grove. Wallace Grove was an American Investor. All this information is known information is what is known by most people on the Island. I wish to talk about the Hawksbill Creek before it became what we know today as the Harbour. Before the Harbour was built in 1958 and the dredging began it was a creek that connected two parts of the island together. I meant that you could walk from Lovers Beach, Hepburn’s Town right across to Pinder’s Point. Today one has to drive from Hepburn’s Town to Pinder’s Point because of the construction of the harbour. The walking part has been separated and was open to make an entrance to the harbour.

Hawksbill Creek before construction in 1958

I experienced these observations first hand. When I was in High School my Grade 12 B.G.C.S.E class coursework was based on the Hawksbill Creek. I think that is why I chose this topic because of the familiarity and Nostalgia that it brought, I felt like it would be easy because I knew a lot of information on the topic. I know for a fact that a lot of people still don’t understand the history of the Creek. During my time of doing this coursework back in 2017 my Grandmother who is now deceased told me stories of “back in the day”. She told me that she would walk from Holmes Rock to Hepburns Town then she would cross the creek to get to Pinders Point where some of her family members where. Well back when I was doing my coursework we looked at the differences between the east and west of the Harbour. The east represented Pinders Point and the west was Hepb urns town. We looked at the differences in rocks/minerals and we look at how each side was different from the next from waves per minute and even wind pressure. The overall conclusion was that there was differences eventhough at one point It was all one. After 59 years a lot changes erosion and Hurricanes. I look at it now knowing the history and understanding the purpose of the Creek Aggreement.

The west side of the Creek. Lovers Beach, Hepburn Town

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  1. Stephana Rolle

    The Hawksbill Creek Agreement is very interesting to learn about. I liked how Gerald conveyed his points. In my opinion, he should have proof read his post before publishing because he misspelt a word and used a word twice by mistake. If he had checked over none of these mistakes would have been on the post. He should have elaborated more about finding sources instead of just adding that he did it based on his BGCSE Coursework. I liked the post most of all for my learning experience and the way he added a picture of Freeport before and after the construction which showed the development of Freeport. The visual images allowed me to have a better understanding of the Hawksbill Agreement. He should have added the names of the men on the featured image in case a reader wants to do their own additional research on the Creek Agreement. He used a personal picture of himself and his teacher which was good because now I know he really had cared about the topic. He shared information regarding to what his grandmother said which was good but he should have tried conducting interviews with people around at the time when the agreement was signed to give him additional information on what he already had to write the blog post. Instead of writing about his experience, he should have kept his focus on the blog post and gathering information needed in it.

  2. TygiahGardiner

    Personally I have a heard about the Hawksbill Creek Agreement before but I have never really research on it or read any articles about the history. The first time I have really grasped any information about this act/bill is when Gerald presented this to our English 120-1N class. One of the most interesting presentations to me was the Creek Agreement and the way he used vivid examples and previous coursework to gather information for this paper. The Hawksbill Creek was also known as the Deep Water Harbour and Industrial area was a documented act authorized and agreement between the Crown Colony Wallace. The writer expressed that the Freeport Harbour was man-made and one of the biggest harbor in the region. I like the thought about this at being successful because this brought back jobs for persons to take care of their families. The observations were all creditable because Gerald experienced them first hand and used his high school course work as a guide. A few grammar errors were made but overall I felt that Gerald’s blog was very effective and informative.

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