Heritage: Washed Away by Big Wave Dorian

Heritage: Washed Away by Big Wave Dorian

Do you feel anxious now that hurricane season soon approach in couple months? Do you feel that you need to be more prepared? During this year, the Bahamas had dealt with a catastrophic storm named Hurricane Dorian. It had affected the whole northern Bahamas with strong winds and rain. Also, no one didn’t expect the major storm surge that wipe out half of Grand Bahama. This storm surge had reach up to 7 meters which affected the whole subdivision in heritage. Residents from heritage didn’t expecting for this “tsunami” like flood to happen in that area.

The back of hertiage
water slowly develops in heritage (zns 2019)

I’ve interview a resident in the deep part of heritage. Its a very secluded area. In that part of heritage about 2000 houses spread out. She said that she lived here for 9 years and never experience a flood. She says that she barely feel any wind and rain from pass hurricane especially hurricane Matthew. ” when I notice the water was rising I tried to call for some help ahead of time” she said. she stated during that time she packed her stuff and drove near her Mother’s home that was 3 mins away. At her Mother’s home, where her younger sister lived, she notice the water was rising even higher. “it was high as the door knob” she said. Sooner or the later the water was above her waist. She said that her and her daughter, grandson, sister and niece had to go up the manhole as soon as possible. She said that she carried a sharp object and a hammer just in case its not strong enough. Eventually, her and her family were rescued from the roof and was saved by a group of men that she knew. She said that the aftermath was very diffcult for her becuase she lost everyhing. Lucky her cat was still alive to be by her side.

Be prepared!!!! :if you decide to stay at your homes or it’s too late to for you to evacuate from a storm surges make sure you have good supporting materials. In each home in a low lying community or a community that is now having unexpected stoem surge, Bahamians needs to have flashlights that is waterproof. Next have a lot of durable rope, if you have a large family make sure tie everyone together in a line so no one is lost in action. If you have small children tie them against you tight so the powerful waves don’t wash them away. Next have a life vest, even if you’re a swimmer still have on a life vest as possible. You might be tired at the time or catch a crap whiles trying to save you and your family’s lives. Another material is a flare gun, you don’t know what time of day the storm surge is going to happen. Next have a harmer, authorities in Grand Bahama was reporting to carry a hammer when you entering attic/man whole in your homes. The use of this hammer is to break your way out to sign for help. According to the article about the latest on hurricane Dorian they wanted everyone to find floating devices. You maybe want to decide to get a floatable boat so you can find a safe place to be at during the storm surge. Finally always have you disaster kit and your personal document in hand.

“the monster that swallow heritage” (resisdent 2019)
“saved by the monster” (resident 2019)