Hotels used for business more than pleasure in Grand Bahama

A picture of castaways hotel found in Grand Bahama

As we all know hotels are and resorts are for people that want to go away for a vacation, and have an all inclusive resort where they can have lots of fun and not have to leave that resort. But what about the people that comes for strictly business purposes? Or small family gathering but doesn’t want to be in a huge resort? The people that don’t want to be around all the noise, they want peace and quiet in their rooms. In this paper I am going to write about small local hotels that these people go to in Grand Bahama, hotels such as Castaways, Royal Islander and Flamingo Bay Hotel, these are not resorts or big time places, but, small business that accommodate locals and visitors that come for a short stay of business or family.

Flamingo Bay Hotel

So if you’re looking for a hotel to be un-bothered and where you won’t have to leave the hotel for anything then these are the hotels for your interest.I feel as though these small hotels like the three I have mentioned are definitely what the Bahamas needs. You would sometimes see locals staying at these hotels for a weekend or a day or two, because of the low costs. I don’t think that these hotels have or will affect the economy negatively; they are what the economy needs due to low income to every home.

Royal Islander Hotel