Hurricane Preparedness

When we all hear the word hurricane we automatically think of the worst well, in some occurrences some think of the worst but still hope for the best in the end. The word hurricane holds such a strong feeling on the chest of many Bahamians. To any other set of people hurricane can mean strong winds, lots of rain. Shaking trees, and for kids it just means no school. But, sadly for Bahamians it reminds them of loved ones missed, hiding in the attic for days waiting for help, also waiting for the sun to rise in the morning and for it all to be over and done with. Some feel as though they can prepare for a hurricane when in reality while that is true it’s mainly about being prepared to adapt to the statuses that are happening around.

You can have as many water bottles filled with clean water, all the batteries in flash lights, every window battened up and house stocked up on canned goods but if the roof fly away in the case of hurricane Dorian there was no use for the windows anymore, and the house being flooded there’s was no use for the canned goods nor the filled up bottle water. Which comes to my point where I say hurricanes is partially being prepared and partially able to adapt to the environment and your surroundings. In regards to recovery efforts the government and the community are the two major and imperative things when it comes to getting the island back to its charm.

Some Bahamians who are privileged enough have money stored away for certain things and emergency purposes mainly after hurricane Dorian many had to have their front rooms set on the lawn drying , many had to flee to the USA to restock on their house supplies food , furniture etc. in  order to get back on their feet. In some unfortunate cases many don’t really have that type of amenity to be able to go abroad and purchase new things for their now destroyed place of domicile. They have to make do with what they have and stand on the lengthy lines in the sun for some toiletries, food, water and any little miscellaneous  items they can get to make things as calm as possible.