Johnquel Jones Makes Grand Bahama GRAND AGAIN

Johnquel Jones Makes Grand Bahama GRAND AGAIN

Johnquel Jones, a talented product of West Grand Bahama has an exceptional student athletic career at George Washington University where she won multiple outstanding awards.

Johnquel Jones is 25 years old and was born on May 8,1993 and was raised by her two supportive parents Preston and Ettamae Jones in a Settlement of Holmes Rock, West Grand Bahama.Jones favorite sport was basketball and at a very young age her parents and family members saw the athletic glow all over her life. Johnquel Jones attended Eight Mile Rock High School for a few years, excelling not just in the sport of basketball but academically also. A major door of opportunity opened for her to travel The United States of America where she was able to globalize and further her career.

Jones achievements put Grand Bahama back on the map once again; she is very persistent, focus and works hard towards her dreams. Johnquel has a positive effect on all athletes not just in Grand Bahama but the entire world. Her life is a motivation of hope for others because if the opportunity was granted for her with the help of God, nothing is impossible. She is certainly a proud Bahamian as she represents her country wherever she may travel in the world with the colors of the Bahamian flag. All over this nation Bahamians share with pride the excitement of her success and recognizes the sacrifice and dedication of her parents,family members and coaches that played a special role in her development of greatness.

Figure 2- A picture of the poster that Jonquel Jones gave as a gift to Playtime Sport Apparel Store in Grand Bahama

Jones who is a 6’6 power center also played college basketball for Clemson and George Washington.As a result of her hard work and sleepless nights of training, Jones has truly become a dynamic symbol of Bahamian national pride.Grand Bahamian native,Johnquel Jones is now labeled as the second female athlete from the Bahamas to be a part of the Women’s’ National Basketball Association. Johnquel Jones brings tremendous memory and history to the Island of Grand Bahama by her successful performances in the sporting arena of basketball.

Figure 3 -A Photograph of myself ( Tygiah Gardiner ) at Playtime Sports in Grand Bahama to view Johnquel Jones winning Tennis shoes and Basketball..

During my visit to Playtime Sports apparel in Grand Bahama I had an opportunity to host an interview with the General Manager, Ghassan Haddad. When you enter the store there are several items shared by our Bahamian Superstar Jonhnquel Jones,I felt so proud as a young Bahamian to view these special items signed by someone who I once played basketball with during my childhood days. Mr.Haddad expressed to me that Playtime Sports had always been a great supporter of uprising Bahamian athletes.We were a sponsor for Johnquel’s Summer Camp and donated footwear to the young athletes that attended her camp.

After Johnquel played in he first WBNA All Star Game she donated her shoes that she wore in the game.Now, we have them on display in our store alongside an autographed basketball and a poster. Mr. Haddad is extremely proud of her accomplishments knowing that Johnquel started her career as a soccer player at the YMCA here in Grand Bahama.

Figure 4- 10th grader of Jack Hayward Senior,Tele’k Deveaux meets Johnquel Jones at BTC Branch in Eight Mile Rock,Grand Bahama

During a personal communication with Tele’k Deveaux he shared his exsperience on how he got the opportunity a few years ago to meet one of his Bahamian Idols.One day my mom and I were headed home and we noticed something special was going on at BTC in Eight Mile Rock. Upon approaching all of the excitement I saw a VERY TALL lady, and I noticed that it was Ms. Johnquel Jones. When I walked closer to the area where she was standing, she looked at me and said “hey you’re from Hoyets, I like your Jersey”. I then smiled and asked her for a picture to show my friends and family members. After taking this picture she asked me how was the Hoytes basketball practice going. My response was that practice is great and my coaches were still motivating the entire team to be like her and Buddy Hield. Unfortunately, our conversation was short but it was such a privilege to speak with Ms. Johnquel Jones.

Figure 5- Tele’k Autographed Basketbal by Johnquel Jones.

During Jones High School years in The Bahamas she came through the Hoytes Basketball Development program headed by Coach “Moon” Mcphee. Her achievements are an inspiration to many young athletes and lasting impact on Grand Bahama. “She inspires me to keep pushing and work hard the same way she does. I feel that if I continue to follow her footsteps, I can become an NBA player too, one of the best. Jones set her goal from the same Hoytes basketball team that I am also proudly apart of now”She motivates me by her success stories, staying focus, and standing firm with the help of God. I feel that she is a proud Bahamian woman who represents her country with excellence while dominating the courts.” ( Deveaux, 2019 ).