Memories of an Unforgettable Resort

Memories of an Unforgettable Resort


0f877f221a7cec983d2ffca91cbb72ba-460x293            The Jack Tar Village Resort was a luxurious resort located in West End Grand Bahama, having the biggest freshwater swimming pool in the western hemisphere, a marina, commercial dock, a complex of canals, sixteen tennis courts, a twenty-seven-hole golf course, an air field and a four hundred and twenty-four room hotel.

Jack Tar Village

Jack Tar Village has been closed since 1988 and has surely made countless memories for vacationers to fondly look back on. One such vacationer named Mary Jane Fine reflected online about on her two- year stay as a teenager. She explained how the experience molded her into the adult she is today and helped her learn to view the world from broader perspectives through staff members who were from many different places around the world

However, the resort also had an important place in the memories of many Bahamians. Jack Tar Village was a big source of income for about 700 West Enders who worked there. It was also a valuable stepping stone for a number of Bahamians who now have successful careers. Examples of such Bahamians are Elon Moxy who is a famous music artist who used to play with a band at the resort, and Bridgette- Major Donaldson who worked at the resort and now works at the University of The Bahamas North as Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing. Though many other forms of tourist attractions have graced the island of Grand Bahama, the Jack Tar Village Resort resembles the Titanic, a grand, luxurious gem that no one thought would ever sink and will never be forgotten.