The History of The Royal Oasis Resort and Casino: The Crash of the Hotel
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The History of The Royal Oasis Resort and Casino: The Crash of the Hotel

The Royal Oasis Resort and Casino was a very popular attraction in Freeport, Grand Bahama between the 1960’s and 2004. It was a central charm located just at the end of East Sunrise Highway and adjacent to The International Bazaar. It was founded by Wallace Groves and Daniel K. Ludwig. This hotel covered 427 acres of land and consisted of a 500-room resort tower, a grand casino, 98 timeshare units and country club housing 956 rooms. It also had the island’s first and only man-made beach. It prospered for its existence until it sustained critical damage in 2004 due to the two natural disasters that hit The Bahamas, Francis and Jeanne. The damages were not repaired and this resulted in the permanent closing of the establishment.

This hotel employed approximately 1,300 individuals who all joined the unemployment line when the resort closed in 2004. It was later sold in 2007 to Harcourt Developments who have yet to capitalize on the property. Because of this, Hurricane Matthew created more devastation to the building. After years of neglect, the structure has deteriorated and would now cost millions to restore. To outsiders, it’s just a casualty that would be insignificant as soon as another resort opens. However, to insiders it is a sign of hardship and failure. It shows the depressing economy of Freeport and causes a lack of faith in Grand Bahamians. After the closing of this hotel, unemployment rose in the country. Officials are now discussing ways to improve this eyesore into a functional and beneficial establishment to the economy. None the less we cannot lose hope as a nation and we can only wait to see what will become of this enterprise.

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Map of The Royal Oasis